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Sleep Apnea Treatmentin Harrisburg

Do you suffer from chronic snoring? Do you often feel tired throughout the day despite sleeping all night? The problem may not be due to a bad mattress or tossing and turning. You may have an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes numerous pauses in breathing frequently while sleeping due to an obstruction in the airway. Not only will it decrease your quality of life, but also increase your risk for serious health conditions if you do not have it treated. At Klein Family Dentistry, Dr. Gary M. Klein offers the solutions you need for sleep apnea treatment in Harrisburg.

Stop the Complications of Sleep Apnea

Man lying awakeSleep apnea is a common condition that affects more than 22 million Americans; however, it is believed that 80% of those with it remain undiagnosed because the symptoms can be quite diverse. It occurs when the passages in the airways collapse, causing hundreds of pauses in breathing while sleeping with each interruption potentially lasting for longer than one minute. The lack of oxygen negatively impacts your quality of life and produces a wide range of symptoms, such as:

  • Loud chronic snoring.
  • Waking choking, gasping, or coughing for air.
  • Waking with a sore or dry throat.
  • Waking often.
  • Waking with a headache.
  • Daytime fatigue or sleep deprivation.
  • Mood swings, irritability, or depression.
  • Decreased ability to concentrate.
  • Lowered cognitive abilities.

Not only will you experience complications in your daily life, but it can also lead to health issues like cardiovascular disease, which can increase your risk for heart attack and stroke.

Take Control of Your Sleep Quality

Woman tired at workAlthough anyone can develop sleep apnea, those who are obese or have a large neck circumference often suffer from the condition, which is why it is important to maintain a healthy weight. If the disorder does occur, it is vital that you undergo a sleep study as soon as possible for a diagnosis. This will involve monitoring you while you sleep. Using the information gathered, your dentist in Harrisburg, Dr. Klein, can then provide you with an effective treatment.

Solutions for Sleep Apnea

Man waking well-restedIn addition to changes to your lifestyle, such as losing weight or avoiding alcohol, Dr. Klein will offer a customized treatment solution. Now, the most preferred and widely used involves an oral appliance. This is a custom-fit device that is worn while you sleep to reposition the jaw forward. This keeps the airways open to prevent pauses in breathing. It has shown to be effective for treating mild to moderate cases of the condition.

Sometimes, an oral appliance may not be enough, and you may need a CPAP machine. This delivers a steady stream of air through a mask that is worn over the nose at night to keep the airways open. In some cases, Dr. Klein may recommend a combination of the two therapies.

Sleep Soundly, Breathe Easier

If you are struggling to get a restful night’s sleep, contact Klein Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Klein will help you sleep soundly and breathe easier with an effective treatment.